Thursday, February 4, 2010


Let me introduce to you a few of my favorite little girls. Of course there are to many to tell you about, but I will start with a few.

This is Montice. She is 8 years old and takes very good care of her 6 year old sister
Selvi (pictured below) who is in her first year at boarding school.

Hindu and Selvi. Hindu is a hillarious, bouncy carefree girl who enjoys small thing in life.She loves to play "the rock game" with me and CHEERS well when I win.

Monju and Blessing with Amanda.

This is Camela. She's the smallest girl here, but 6 years old. She's beatiful but usually pretty laid back. She creams everyone on "the rock game".

Satia is an adorable 9 year old with a 6 year olds body. She was sad the day I met her, but normally a very cheery girl. Her father has dad, but her mother is still living. She's very smiley but not very touchy. She is a PRO at jump-roping.

We dont know her name. We call her Teddybear. She is the GIGGLIEST more cuddliest teddy bear like 7 year old ever. She's to ticklish you just look at her and she giggles. Of course we giggle to, it's that adorable.

This is a new girl. I do not know her name but she is 6 years old. Her mother died and with her father caring for her alone she was brought to live at CMML home. She's a bright child, but often looks sad. She'll be sitting in the corner just watching the kids play. She doesn't cry but she doesnt smile either. I'll pick her up plop on her on my lap say a bunch of things she doesn't understnad, sing to her, and all I can think of. Usually in 30 minutes or so she's laughing and goes to play with the kids. We say goodnight and she's all smiles, but the next day she's all sad again. I can't imagion being 6 and being left to live with another 100 girls. She's doing so well and being so brave. I am proud of her:-)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing pics of the girls. They are so precious! You look great in your Indian finery. Praying for you.

  2. Thank you very much for the picture. I love to see pics of you with your little girls. God bless you precious.

  3. Wow, I need to check back here more often for your new posts!! Loved the pictures.... I'm sure all those children are thrilled to have you guys there!

  4. What beautiful children! I just found your blog. Do you live in India or do you do mission trips?